Colleen Class Fleet Racing

Ireland, 2009

The first Colleen Class boats produced by Novatecnia, Buenos Aires, Argentina - an appropriate build location considering the history of the class - joined revival prototype COLLEEN BAWN in the summer of 2009 for fleet racing in Dublin Bay by Colleens for the first time in 100 years.

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C.E. Marking/ R.C.D. Approval

During 2005, following surveys by naval architect Theo Rye which included stability and buoyancy tests, the Colleen Class received Class 3 Certification under the E.U.'s Recreational Craft Directive, better known as "C.E. Marking". This means that she is approved to sail with a total of crew of 4.

Apart from the official approval, COLLEEN BAWN is now well tried and tested and has performed admirably in conditions in excess of 20 knots. She has proven to be a stable and comfortable day cruiser and a performance racing craft, winning several regattas even when crewed by just two senior citizens (Hal Sisk and Jim Nugent)! The upgrades relate mainly to the use of modern materials, ergonomic seating and a neat internal outboard motor
well. However, the original one design hull, rig and displacement are maintained.

She's attended regattas and rallies in Irish and Scandinavian waters, including: racing at Glandore Classic Regatta; rounding the famous Fastnet Rock during Irish Cruising Club's 75th Anniversary Cruise in West Cork,
Ireland; joining the Blekinge Archipelago Raid in Sweden; and she's been a regular attendee in Dublin Bay Sailing Club's evening cruiser/ racer series, giving the modern cruisers a run for their money.


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